jeudi 7 juin 2012

Navy Seals are back !

Dear readers, 

I've been able those last days to make tiny progress on my scenery. Thanks to a week end spent in Normandy in my brother guset house, I've been able to 1) be compared to a maniac due to point 2, and 2) collect a lot of small plant, lychen, moss and so on for my hobby.

Once back home, I plunged all those green stuff in Glycerine in order to keep them as it is (or barely). The probelm is that I don't know the exact dose of Glycerine against water. So some, but not all, of the plant get a kind of plastic coat on it which make  them look like not at all natural. The joy of experiencing ! (and I don't talk about the smell..)

As far as the base is concerned, I've opted for a two levels base, which I think make the whole more interesting. For the stone and steps, I used small "bricks" I've bought years ago from Bastion 35. I intially tought they were made of plaster, but having played with them with my Dremel, I realised they were made of real concrete. That allowed me to play with the texture and the interesting fact is that it has a great absorbing effect.

I've now finished the lower level, and I'm a bit stucked in the vegetation choice for the upper level...

Here are the crappy pictures...

But before some pictures taken in Normandy. I couldn't refrain to imagine eveything 35 times smaller :)

And now some in progress pictures of the vignette

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