mercredi 23 mai 2012

Duryee Zouave

And the story continues,

This Pegaso Civil War Duryee zouave is the first 54 hitorical miniature that I have completed. I wasn't particularly thrilled by this figure, especillay when looking at the Pegaso art box that does not make justice to the figure. In fact I bought it because I initially wanted the Elite Tiger Zouave, and Pegaso is forcing customer to have a minimal amount for orders. I then decided to complete the zouave collection with a guy from the North.

This larger scale (I'm used to paint 1/35 figures) allows more details on the face, and the specific Duryee zouave uniforms offers great possibilities from the red and blue parts.

The figure has been done in enamel and oil. I wanted to give him an harrassed look, having a glance at the field after some bloody battle. The quality of the picture is not that good, but I try to make progress in this technical field as well.


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