mercredi 23 mai 2012

Chris Taylor

Another Bravo 6 excellent figure that gave me good time. He's the miniman of Charlie Sheen role in Platoon, Chris Taylor. I painted him in Humbrol, and applied some oil filters after the light and shade work. The history of the patch on his eye came from some nervous breakdown that could happen in figure painting. I was on the tenth try to correctly paint his right eye. At every try something was going badly wrong : the eyebrow, the pupil, the size of the eye etc..and each additional layer makes him look like more and more to Martin Feldman (the famous figurinist reference :)). Then, as it often happens to me, before implosing and hammer this tiny guy, and on the hedge of desperation (the whole figure was already painted), I tought that this poor grunt must have been  hit by some giant mosquito. And the magic sculpt patch just follows.


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