vendredi 29 juin 2012

Navy Seals completed

Hello dear readers,

I finally foudnt he time to compte this little vignette. I had quite a lot of fun in doing the building and the groundwork. I learn a lot there, like don't use enamel diluted with white spirit on polyester, or that replicating natural foliage is everything but simple.

I didn't want to represent deep and tick jungle, but still some nice vegetation. I used only natural stuff, from moss to spices etc. One advise : go on getty or similar images bank and try to replicate what's existing, or it will look odd. Another advice, vary the tones of green you will use by mixing different tones, but always use a similar tone in each of those. It will give unity to the whole.

The earth has been reproduce with white glue and naturak earth, painted in enamel, and finally covered sporadically with different pigment. For having seen such groundwork in Vietnam by myslef, they are everything but uniform and monochrome.

Here are few pics, I will try to take better one this week end.


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