mercredi 20 juillet 2016

Time to get back on the brushes and roll up my sleeves.

Hello dear modelers,

I glad to write that I finally organised my schedule and fought my laziness to come back on the bench. We settled my little fmaily and I one year ago in BCN and we just found our normal family pace in this new city.

I'm quite disappointed because I missed the paiting seminar organised by FER and Nuts Planets, which seemed to be very fun and educating. Maybe next year.

So for my return in the paint smells, backhakes (don't know if that word exists) and long apneas to limit the brush shakes' world, I decided to give it a try again with acrylic, because looking at the work in fantasy section at Putty and Paint I told myslef I should definitively be able to improve my skills with this so promising easy to use and dead matt medium. It went all the contrary. I messed up everything (2 Alpine figures are good to go to the trashbin, even after several stripping). The figures end up very shiny, the layers were everything else than opaque. It looked like a talented 8 years old figure. At some point I really believed I forgot how to paint, or that I became blind since my last figure. Scary. I used Vallejo (which very easy to find here in Spain). Maybe it's linked to this brand. Maybve scale 75 is better. Don't know. I decided though to give it a last try. I know some very good painters use the Jo Sonja acrylci range. It was a pain to find them but I've ordered them and I'll give a try on the ICM french infantry 1916, because their bleu horizon uniforms will be the perfect surface to try them.

Not only I fucked up the bodies of 2 figures from Alpine with acrylics, but when I turned to enamels, I did started with the faces of such figures. And the first two faces I started went absolutely wrong. Could you imagine how desperated I was: I was expecting great results from acrylic, which turned awful. Back in my safe zone, I painted two monsters face. I thought it was the end of my figure painting hobby.

I decided based on those multiple failures to rool up my sleeves and try hard. It woeks as I'm happy with the face I just completed and the body of one Alpine Gi (the guy with the radio). I only have poor Iphone pictures for the moment I won't publish here, but I promess I'll publish soon pics of the Bad, the good, and the uglies. As a teaser, I'm talking of those 2 guys:

Stay tuned, this time I'm back for good !


jeudi 17 septembre 2015

on my "bench", at last

I'm now installed in Barcelona since few months now.
What a lovely city, very enjoyable, lot of beautiful girls :), nice food and with the beach just around the corner. A kind of European California.
I was also amazed by the number of model shops here, there are quite a few around the city, all owned by very friendly persons.

I didn't touch a brush for 5 months (so much has been going around in my life recently). I was delighted when I had the opportunity to paint some figures for one of my client. I tried to portray Kurt Knispel and Fedensack during the Normandy battle, I used for that Masterbox and Dragon figures. I quite enjoyed the exercise as I converted a kirin head to reproduce Knispel features.

I went to Girona few weeks ago and had the opportunity to visit Art Girona factory. the owner and his son are very nice people. I surely attend El Baluard show end of October as there sill be very nice pieces there.

ON to the next painting now !

in progress pictures:

lundi 2 mars 2015

alpine 1/35 GI finished


The first one the pair is now finished. I had great fun with him, playing with all the textures such a leather boots, wood grain, entrenching tool, helmet cover etc.
I hope you like it.

mercredi 18 février 2015

My new 1:1 and 1:35 masterpieces

Dear readers,

As I announced it in my previous post, I'm an happy father since 4 months now. It's amazing how much strenght and power it could transmit just looking at your baby doing some smiles at you.
She's very quiet and patient, like daddy, and a real beauty, like mummy. We named her Gabrielle.

following up with some 1/35 miniatures this time, which I succeed in painting in between two feeding bottles and nap changes. The Alpine pair I annouced in my previous post is a real sculpting sweet. A lot of details, a pleasure for the brush. I started with the anxious face GI. I messed up one of the two heads, so I took great care of the second one. Enamels and oils, as usuals. This time I used oils through very diluted kind of washes, I mean very diluted. It raises a little the color variety without endangering the work undeneath. On the pictures below the pant is not finished yet. the work on the brown has been very interesting, using again several oils, this time in a little more thicker form.
And now the pictures.


mardi 6 janvier 2015

Some news

Firts of all let me wish you the very best for 2015. Let us have a truckload of models to build and a bit of extra time to build them.

On my end, I'm a newly dad since 3 months now, and I must say I often look with envy my bench, but free time has became REALLY scarce. I do not give up though, I'm sure I'll find some time between my work, my wife and the baby ....................

I started the Alpine GIs pair, with the garand guy. This figure is really a masterpiece, with so much details at such scale. I've done most of the upper part of the figure, and I'm pretty happy with his face. As soon as I can I'll post pictures.

Please have a quick glance at this funny article. I'm sure you'll smile while reading it.

I'll be back, one day...

lundi 2 juin 2014

next target

Hello gents,

I succeed in finding a little spot in my flat to insert a mini bench.
My next target is again a very nice pair from Alpine. It's the last GI pair.
Excellent poses, amazing sculpting, highly recommanded !

dimanche 20 avril 2014

A New 1:1 miniature :)


I'm very happy to inform my dear readers that my wife will be releasing our first 1/1 production in few months. We've been waiting for that 4 years and, boy, what a  relief !!!

One of the many changes imposed by junior is that I'm gonna get rid of many 1/35 sets to transform the bench into a baby room. I'm not searching for benefits here, so if you are interested by what are on the pics below, let me know, we'll surely find an agreement; My email if you want to contact me :

All the very best,