mercredi 5 février 2014

Bravo 6 French para : un mauvais pressentiment II

Hello lads,

I had the opportunity recently to work on my French para Jean Reno, despite a very busy life (professionally and personally). This figure is a little gem. I told myself that I everytime I plan to buy a Bravo 6 figure, I should buy 2 of them. Why ? Because there are so much details, and some of them are so subtle, delicate that even with extreme care and a very light coat of paint, you lose some of them. At least with one unpainted figure as a comparative, you lost no detail.

As far as painting is concerned, as usual, eveything done in enamel and oil. I strated to paint the camo. The black layer allow me to avoid to underlin in black some part of the figure difficult to access.
Once the camo done, I started to highlight some folds and other prominent parts. Then I worked on the straps (there are many !). A little trick for you painters. To simulate some texture on the strap, strat by applygin the basic coat, darker than the final color you are aiming at. Then paint in a much lighter tone vertical and horizontal lines all along the straps. Then apply a very diluted coat of the final color on such framing. The final result will give a nice rendering (unfortunately the final result is not that visible due to the shinning effect).

After all that work, it's a shame that I will have to cover most of the legs camo with an additional bag and the carabin. But that's the game !

More to come soon.


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