lundi 18 novembre 2013

Bravo 6 French para : un mauvais pressentiment


I've started a new fig for a running campaign on armorama, Vietnam;Trouble in Southeast Asia II.  This figure is a bit special for me as my friend Vladimir Demchenko, the owner of Bravo6, asked me at the time to find the french title : "un mauvais pressentiment" (in english "a bad premonition"). The figure represents a French para ready to embark for a jump on Dien Bien Phu eventhough he knows the stronghold is already condemned. Many young Frenches voluntereed to jump on DBP on the very last days (many died due to the jump at a very low altitude, given the Viet flak all around), to help their trapped buddies. The figure facial expression reflects the resignation which should have marked those modern heroes.

This figure is quite a challenge as it contains many (I mean many :)) straps which are part of the TAP 660 parachute. I must say it's the best figure from Bravo6 in terms of details and thinness of the whole equipment. In this respect I've decided to opt for a technic I've seen used by Calvin tan I think which is black priming. This allows me to incorporate all black underlines directly with the first coat of paint for each part (applying those afterward is just impossible, at least for the torso).

And of course you would have recognised mister Jean Réno as the main actor of this scene !

to be continued

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  1. Julian, I am looking forward to see this kit develop .

    All the best,