lundi 3 juin 2013

Minis in the works - Perry Miniatures Zouaves

Let's continue with the other little men on my bench. I've bought the Perry set of ACW Zouaves in 28mm. They rock !, although I would have prefer the box to contain more poses.  Anyway I played with those dwarfs and made some conversions. You can do quite a nice range of different units, from confederate to union states. I've planned to make several vignettes depicting some of those units, including the famous Louisiana Tigers (which will involve heavy modifications).

Painted in enamles and oils, it's a real pleasure to play with the colorfull uniform. Those 2 will pertain to the 74 New York volunteers infantry regiment.

Of course feel free to leave a comment on my post for any suggestion/remark you may have !!


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