lundi 3 juin 2013

Meridiana 42nd Highlander 54mm

Some fresh news !

Hello dear readers, I'm back in the business with several projects, some done, some half way through. My professional life being not that busy those days, and the weather being so crap so that we haven't had any spring this year, it allows me to paint some fellows of my grey army.

First, we have the figure of the 42nd highlander from la Méridiana. I love the themes selected by this brand, mainly early america, and a lot of indians. A nice figure, not a best seller though, acceptable details and a colorfull uniform. The figure I ordered had no bread bag in it, so I had to sculpt it. Apart from that a pretty straight forward building and painting. It was my first kilt ever. I guess I have some room to progress here .. :) .... For the kilt, I used a technique of wet paper stripes in order to apply the same width to each stripe. I finally tried to apply a dark wash to reproduce the wool effect (like on the box art), but it's missed. For the scenery, the fern is a real one, dried.

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