jeudi 17 septembre 2015

on my "bench", at last

I'm now installed in Barcelona since few months now.
What a lovely city, very enjoyable, lot of beautiful girls :), nice food and with the beach just around the corner. A kind of European California.
I was also amazed by the number of model shops here, there are quite a few around the city, all owned by very friendly persons.

I didn't touch a brush for 5 months (so much has been going around in my life recently). I was delighted when I had the opportunity to paint some figures for one of my client. I tried to portray Kurt Knispel and Fedensack during the Normandy battle, I used for that Masterbox and Dragon figures. I quite enjoyed the exercise as I converted a kirin head to reproduce Knispel features.

I went to Girona few weeks ago and had the opportunity to visit Art Girona factory. the owner and his son are very nice people. I surely attend El Baluard show end of October as there sill be very nice pieces there.

ON to the next painting now !

in progress pictures:

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