mercredi 18 février 2015

My new 1:1 and 1:35 masterpieces

Dear readers,

As I announced it in my previous post, I'm an happy father since 4 months now. It's amazing how much strenght and power it could transmit just looking at your baby doing some smiles at you.
She's very quiet and patient, like daddy, and a real beauty, like mummy. We named her Gabrielle.

following up with some 1/35 miniatures this time, which I succeed in painting in between two feeding bottles and nap changes. The Alpine pair I annouced in my previous post is a real sculpting sweet. A lot of details, a pleasure for the brush. I started with the anxious face GI. I messed up one of the two heads, so I took great care of the second one. Enamels and oils, as usuals. This time I used oils through very diluted kind of washes, I mean very diluted. It raises a little the color variety without endangering the work undeneath. On the pictures below the pant is not finished yet. the work on the brown has been very interesting, using again several oils, this time in a little more thicker form.
And now the pictures.


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